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Wei Jie WJ-1000LR-1 Fusing Machine

Wei Jie WJ-1000LR-1

Fusing Machine


  • The seamless belt is adopted as standard and prolongs the belt used life.
  • The big diameter pressure roller ensure balanced pressure.
  • The air pressure prevents puckering.
  • The heating plates lifting device can adjusted maximum 5mm height correspond any materials.
  • Adopt winding-type cleaning rod, equipped with cooling fan device as standard at the exit.
Model WJ-1000LR-I
Power Supply 3p-380v
Heater Output 16.2kw
Motor Output 675kw
Fusing Width 1000mm
Belt Speed Max 14m/min
Pressure 49N/cm(5.0kgf/cm)
Temperature 195 C
Heating Time 7~90 Sec
Dimension 3650(L) x 1450(W) x 1250(H) mm 
Weight 900kg