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Wei Jie WJ-500MS Fusing Machine

Wei Jie WJ-500MS

Fusing Machine


  • Upper belt warping prevention system adopts direct limit switch type like lower belt warping prevention system.
  • Adopted rubber driving roller for non-slip driving.
  • The innovation body design reduction the heat to the electrical parts influence, enhanced the electrical parts durability and the life.
  • MS Equipped with rotary strip-off device.
Model WJ-500MS
Power Supply 1p-220v
Heater Pated Output 4kw
Motor Pated Output 33w
Temperature MAX 1.5kg/CM
Belt Speed Max 8.7m/min
Heating Time 5~20 Sec
Fusing Width 450MM
Dimension 1660(L) x 880(W) x 490(H) mm 
Weight 152kg